Isey is committed to continuously improving its ability to provide safe and nutritious products while ensuring its operations and products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

At Ísey we will protect the environment through:

  • Environmental impact on Ísey’s value chain

    Considering and addressing potential environmental impact on Ísey’s value chain.

  • Protect and preserve wildlife, flora and their natural habitat

    Taking proactive measures to protect and preserve wildlife, flora and their natural habitat. This includes supporting our farm suppliers in producing sustainable milk.

  • Responsible sourcing of product materials

    Working towards an effective and sustainable product life cycle encompassing responsible sourcing of product materials through circular economy.

  • Environmental requirements and obligations

    Complying fully with all applicable environmental requirements and obligations, by understanding the needs and expectation of Ísey’s stakeholders.

  • Low-carbon emitter

    Developing and implementing a strategy to transition the business to being a low-carbon emitter.

  • Most efficient use of energy

    Endeavouring to eliminate the production of polluting emission or discharge into the environment by making the most efficient use of energy.

  • Minimizing waste

    Minimizing waste generation and, where unavoidable, reuse or recycle waste.

  • Framework of environmental objectives

    Providing a framework of environmental objectives based on significant environmental aspects, compliance obligations, risks and opportunities that are approved and reviewed by the CEO.

  • Improvements in environmental performance

    Continually striving for improvements in environmental performance of Ísey’s operations, products and services.