3. December

From past to present, a healthy legacy

Once upon a time, 1,100 years ago in fact, Nordic settlers began arriving in Iceland. They brought with them the skills and knowledge for producing the protein-rich food made of milk they called skyr. Skyr-making methods were passed on, typically from mother to daughter for generations. Over the centuries, Icelandic skyr became a cornerstone of the national diet, helping to keep people strong in living conditions that were often harsh.

Ísey Skyr builds on this remarkable and uniquely Icelandic legacy, and to this day it remains a firm favourite of most Icelanders. Old traditions and production methods have given way to high-tech processes and more rigorous quality standards, yet the authenticity and provenance of this delicious food still shines through.

18. February

Congratulations on the gold medal!

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15. October

Healthy snacking with Ísey Skyr

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6. November

6 blood pressure-lowering foods to keep in your kitchen

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